Founded in 2011, Shanghai C.D. law firm is a professional law firm specializing in financial and legal services such as perennial legal counsel, criminal defense and commercial litigation. Together with a professional team with rich practical experience.

The C.D. law firm has accumulated rich practical experience, especially in the field of legal risk prevention and corporate governance, and formed an effective legal service system. The clients include the benchmark enterprises of China’s time-honored brands and the high-growth enterprises with strong development momentum in the field of science and technology innovation.

Based on the entrepreneur platform of Creative Directors’ Gathering, which has an influence in the Yangtze River Delta, and large legal database, the law firm adheres to establishing a law firm with a mission, informatization and professionalization, and is committed to providing efficient and professional legal services for customers.


Perennial Legal Counsel:The comprehensive legal risk prevention and daily management of contract, human resources, corporate governance, intellectual property, criminal liability of entrepreneurs, etc.

Banking and Financing Dispute:Equity Merger and Acquisition, Asset Acquisition, Asset Restructuring, Private equity fund, etc.

Corporate Governance Dispute: Amendment of the Articles of Incorporation, Improvement of Administration Structure, Equity Incentive for Executives, Establishment of External Governance System, etc.

Intellectual Property Dispute:Enterprise Intellectual Property Management, Recognition and Protection of Well-known Trademarks, Patent Protection and Dispute Resolution, Anti-Monopoly and Anti-Unfair Competition, etc.

Commercial Litigation and Arbitration: Complicated commercial litigation and arbitration, referring to investment and financing contract dispute, equity dispute and intellectual property dispute, etc.

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